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We provide you with an integrated solutions, from minimum to big scale budget, from mini booth to big exhibition, from indoor to outdoor promotion activities, from economy product to high end and exclusive product, we have all those solution, let us take care of all your complex needs, and start calling us today to discuss it more further!

Our Service:

  • Marketing & Signage
  • Digital Printing
  • LED Display & Modules
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Magazine Design & Printing
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Health & Safety Signs
  • Web Development
  • Proprint Academy

Marketing & signage

Our vast array of marketing supplies and promotional products will increase your businesses scope and visibility with your target audience. We aim to support you in creating a brand that makes a positive and impactful impression on prospective customers.

Professional and attractive signage is vital to a company’s ability to market effectively. We specialise in the design and manufacture of indoor/outdoor signs for a wide range of purposes. Our experienced staff can aid you in all facets of signage creation and design, so that your marketing tools and strategy will reflect the best quality and approach. Merging our technical expertise, creativity and years of experience, we are confident that we can support you in creating signage and marketing tools that increase your earning potential. We offer a wide range of possibilities depending on your marketing needs.

Our Marketing & Signage services include but are not limited to:

Signage Services

  • Logo Design
  • Shop & Building Signs
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Health & Safety Signs
  • Window/wall graphics
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Printed Banners
  • Posters
  • Sign Panels
  • Tray Designs
  • Flags
  • Guidance with selecting appropriate substrates, self-adhesives and other materials used in sign making
  • Creative and impactful design recommendations

Other Marketing Materials & Promotional Items

  • Flyer/Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Rack Cards
  • Branded Envelopes/Letterhead
  • Presentation Folders
  • Postcards
  • Door Hangers
  • Calendars
  • And more!

Digital printing

We offer a wide range of digital printing on various materials at a cost efficient price. Customers seek our digital printing services for a variety of purposes including: advertising/commercial, conferences, events, exhibitions and more. Tell us what your needs are and we will seek to accommodate them.

Just some of the digital printing services that we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Brochures/Booklets
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Business/Personal Stationary
  • Magazines
  • Calendars
  • Presentation Folders
  • Packaging
  • And more!

Led display & modules

LED is a division of Our team is dedicated to providing you with high quality LED displays, LED modules and LED accessories for a variety of purposes. Our products can assist you with enhancing your ability to attract your target audience and convey important information.

We offer a range of products that are high in demand. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service as well as cost efficient options for our clients. All of our products come with a two year warranty. In our effort to provide the best service possible, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on our products and services. Please visit our special site at (insert site)

Just some of our products include:

  • LED Displays
  • LED Modules
  • LED Accessories
  • LED Controller RGB & Dimmers
  • LED Drivers & Transformers
  • LED Flood Light
  • LED Strips
  • LED Controller Cards
  • LED Curtains
  • LED Chain
  • Trough Lights
  • LED Sensors
  • And more!

Exhibition stands

This is a great service for those seeking high-quality and professional exhibition stands for events. We will assist you throughout the entire process of developing and designing exhibition stands that are functional and visually appealing.

We will take careful consideration of your specifications and budget in order to select the best options. We utilise the best and most cost efficient: display plinths/counters, banner stands, display boards, pop-up stands, literature stands and more to create the best exhibition stand for you.

Magazine design and printing

For those who are interested in using a magazine to communicate issues and information to the public, we offer magazine design and printing services. We can assist you with creating an attractive and polished looking magazine that you will be confident to share with your target audience. Currently, many organisations are using magazines to market products, convey various issues, promote special interests and hobbies, provide instruction and to entertain.

We will help you to create a publication that will assist you in connecting with your customers. We offer guidance on all of the important elements of creating an excellent magazine.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Creative and eye-catching design cover
  • Creative design for all pages
  • Dynamic content/articles
  • Interactive pages such as quizzes and Q & A sections as these will encourage reader’s interactions with your magazine
  • Attractive pictures

We are capable of enhancing your publication on multiple levels. Please contact us if you need support with the development of a magazine.

Vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics are an extremely popular means of advertising and are fundamental to many companies’ marketing needs. We offer high-quality and durable vehicle graphics for a wide range of vehicles so that you can advertise on the go as well as enhance the professional impression that you have upon your customers.

Vehicle graphics have immense potential to make an impression on large numbers of prospective customers. Contact us today regarding your interest.

We offer:

  • Vinyl graphics
  • Digital graphics
  • Full vehicle wrapping
  • Fleet vehicle graphics
  • Safety Markings
  • Magnetic Signs
  • And more!

Health & safety signs

We offer a wide range of health and safety sign options. In the interest of supporting a healthy and safe environment, we strive to uphold high standards and make every effort to ensure that our products are compliant.

Some of our health and safety sign options include:

  • Mandatory signs
  • Prohibition signs
  • Hazard signs
  • First aid and safety signs
  • Disabled access signs
  • Construction signs
  • Fire action notices
  • Fire exit signs
  • Hygiene signs (mandatory)

Web development

In this current era, it is no secret that a professional, well-functioning and up to date website is vital to organisation’s marketability and appeal. Furthermore, it supports a company’s ability to convey their mission and services to the public, facilitate transactions and serve as a reliable means of contact.

Employing a customer focused approach, we seek to provide our clients with quality and reliable web development services as we realise the importance of maintaining and efficient and reliable website.

Proprint academy

For those who are interested in developing a similar business based on the provision of various design solutions, we offer training and workshops that will teach you the fundamentals of the industry. We offer comprehensive instruction on our key services such as: marketing and signage, digital printing, vehicle graphics, exhibition stands, magazine design/printing and web development.

The invaluable skills that you will learn with Proprint Academy will aid you in building a lucrative business of your own. Contact us today with your interest!

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